We provide practical and caring support to help you manage the highs and lows of life with a baby

Precious time for yourself  

Time to recharge your batteries and get some precious time for yourself – maybe a long bath, an afternoon nap, a walk in the park, or a coffee in a cafe with your book is what you need most.  You can relax whilst knowing your baby is in safe hands.

Help you care for your baby 

We can help with nappy changing, bathing, dressing and soothing and support you with expressing, breast feeding and bottle feeding.  We have experience and training in baby wearing, and can help you get the best out of your sling/baby carrier.

Emotional support 

We love to listen, to hear your birth story, your joys, your concerns.  A problem shared is so often help enough in itself, but we can signpost you to others/organisations if you think that would be helpful.  


Alison can support mums to move beyond difficult birth experiences and birth trauma via the gentle, safe, and highly effectictive 3 steep rewind process. 'This has been such an important process for me.  I highly recommend Alison's rewind sessions for birth trauma.'

Provide nourishing food 

We love to cook!  We can help you plan meals, go to the shops or do an on-line grocery order,  and cook nutritious meals in your home.

Postnatal Recovery Massage

Alison can offer this healing and deeply relaxing massage in your own home.  Adapted from the traditional Ecuadorean 'Closing the Bones' ceremony, this is a beautiful opportunity to welcome and honour a mother. 'Intuitive, feminine, loving and nourishing.'

There may be other ways we can help - Just ask!

Gift Vouchers

If you're wondering what to give your friend, colleague or family member to celebrate the birth of their baby then do consider a Postnatal Angel. What could be more wonderful than the gift of confident caring support for a new or growing family?

Babymoon Service

Why not book a Postnatal Angel to come in and support you and your family in the first month after your new baby arrives.  We offer flexible packages to suit your needs.

Help with transitions to work

The first week your co-parent goes back to work after paternity leave can be a daunting time.  So can the first month or so  in the lead up to and soon after you go back to work.  A Postnatal Angel might be just what you need at these times too.

Household Chores

We can run the Hoover round, tidy up or mop the kitchen floor, leaving you more time to spend with your family

Babysitting service

We are often asked to babysit whilst parents go out on their first date night after the new baby comes, or maybe mum wants to attend a Keeping in Touch day at work.  

Care for pets 

We love your pets too!  We can walk the dog, stroke the cat, clean out the guinea pigs etc